Penistone Priority Review 2


Tell us what YOU think is a priority for the Penistone area? 
Since 2013, Penistone Area Council (represented by your 6 Elected Members for the 2 wards of Penistone East and Penistone West), has been working with communities throughout Penistone to create new and different ways to meet the needs of the area.
Taking into account what is known about the area from what people tell us from within communities, as well as parish and neighbourhood plans, and statistical information gathered by Barnsley Council, the focus has been on 5 area priorities
With a budget of £200,000 ( £100,000 per ward), the Area Council has commissioned services and supported local groups and organisations that have contributed to meeting these priorities, as well as providing opportunities for local people to play a central role in supporting the delivery of these through active volunteering.
  • Penistone Area Council has provided funding to support the delivery of services provided by Age UK in Penistone, the Twiggs Clean and Tidy team, DIAL information and advice, South Pennine Community Bus 25 service, projects for Young People delivered by Penistone FM and Barnsley Youth Service, projects to support health delivered by Penistone Leisure Centre, and Bumping Spaces as well as many other activities which support the local community.
  • 98% of our budget was spent in the local area in 2018/2019
  • 18 jobs have been created and 2 apprenticeships since 2014
  • Over 1,700 volunteers have contributed since 2014 , giving the equivalent value of over  £200,000 in support of the local area 

Reviewing our priorities for 2020
To help us make sure that the priorities are still the right ones from 2020 we’d like to invite you to take part in our short survey.

To do this, we have listed below 14 possible priorities based on what we know from the work we have been doing in the area so far. and taking into account other local consultation findings. We would like to know which of these you would see as your top 3. Simply read through the list below, and select the three that you think are the most important.

The survey is open to anyone who lives or works in the Penistone area or uses the area for leisure activities. Responses can be made until 15th September 2019.

Results of the survey will be available after 3rd October 2019 and will be used as part of the Area Council’s review process late 2019/early 2020. The new priorities will then be published as part of the Area Council’s information on-line at  

For any further information about this or help with completing the survey please feel free to contact the Penistone Area Team on 773012  or or through our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Thank you for your support it is really appreciated.

1. Please tick 3 that you think are important


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