Adult Skills & Community Learning - IAG and Online Induction Survey 2020-21


1. Information, Advice and Guidance Appointment

Our aim is to give you a good experience in accessing impartial information, advice and guidance. It is important that we ensure the service meets our quality standards and your expectations. Please help us to achieve this by completing the survey.
Thank you

1. How would you rate the following from your Information, Advice and Guidance appointment, 5 being excellent and 1 being poor. *

Making the appointment
Quality of appointment
Information given during appointment

2. Was confidentiality and data protection explained at the start of the appointment? *


3. Did your advisor explain what you could achieve in the appointment? *


4. Do you feel you were given enough information to make an informed choice about your next steps? *


5. Were you asked about any additional support needs that you may have? *


6. We would welcome any comments or feedback on your experience of the Information, Advice and Guidance session.