Barnsley Music Education Hub - Parent/Carer Survey 2022/23

We really want to know what you think about music making in Barnsley to help us to plan for the future and to make sure that we provide the right choices for children and young people.
Please take the time to complete our short survey. If you have more than one child, please fill this survey in for each of them.

1. What Key Stage is your child currently in? *


2. Which musical instrument(s) are they learning to play? *


3. Do they have lessons to help them to play their instrument or to sing? *


4. Do they make music with others in a Band/Orchestra/Ensemble or Choir? If so please tick which of the following that they perform in: *


5. If you would like to make music in another type of Band/Orchestra/Ensemble/Choir please let us know: *


6. How often does your child sing as part of what they do at school/college? *


7. Before taking this survey, had you ever visited the Barnsley Music Education Hub website ( *


8. Which of these qualifications in Music might your child be interested in doing in the future? *

Very interestedQuite InterestedNot interested at allNot sure yet
Arts Award
GCSE Music in Y11
BTEC Music in Y11
A-Level Music in Y13
UAL Diploma in Music in Y13
A degree in Music after they leave school

9. Do you think there are a lot of music making opportunities in Barnsley at your child's school/college and outside of school/college? *

Lots of music making opportunitiesSome music making opportunitiesNo music making opportunities
At my school/college
Outside of my school/college

10. If you would like to tell us anything else about music making opportunities in Barnsley, you can do that here.