Adult Skills & Community Learning - Initial Assessment Survey 2019-20


1. What subject area is your course in? *


2. Were you given accurate information to be able to attend the information advice and guidance session, e.g. time and location?


3. Did you receive confirmation of your appointment?


4. Do you feel you were given sufficient information to make an informed choice of course?


5. Did you access, or do you plan to access, an Adult Skills & Community Learning course as a result of attending the information advice and guidance session?


6. Did you receive information about course fees?


7. Did you receive information about financial support?


8. Did the assessment help you decide which was the right course for you?


9. Were you given a time and venue for your course?


10. At the end of the appointment were you clear about arrangements for starting your course?


11. If you have answered 'No' to any of the above questions, please use this space to add any comments.


12. How satisfied were you with your initial assessment experience?


13. Is there anything that could have improved your initial assessment experience?