Adult Skills & Community Learning - Induction Survey 2019-20


1. What subject area is your course in? *


2. What is your course code?


3. What is the name of your course? *


4. What is your tutor's name? *


5. Which venue is your course at? *


6. Were you provided with information on Health and Safety issues relating to your course venue, for example fire procedures? *


7. Were you provided with information on Health and Safety issues relating to your learning, for example using equipment? *


8. Do you have any Health and Safety concerns relating to your course? *


9. Were you given a Welcome Pack, which includes 'Safer Learning, Your Rights and Responsibilities' information? *


10. Are you clear about learner conduct, behaviour and ground rules? *


11. Were you given the opportunity to disclose any medical information, relevant to your learning? *


12. Do you feel safe on your course? *


13. Do you want the person responsible for safeguarding to contact you to discuss any concerns you might have? *


14. Were you told how to notify us if you are going to be absent from your course? *


15. Was it explained to you that being absent for 3 sessions may lead to losing your place on the course? *


16. Were you given a list of course materials you might require? *


17. Were the course materials you needed to provide what you expected? *


18. Were you asked about any additional support needs that you may have? *


19. Do you feel that your support needs have been addressed? *


20. What are your main reasons for starting this course? *


21. Were you told how to communicate compliments, complaints and suggestions for improvement? *


22. Where did you find out about this course? *


23. Did you receive the information you needed about English or maths classes?