Adult Skills & Community Learning - English, Maths, ESOL On Course Survey 2019-20


1. What subject are is your course in? *


2. What is your course code?


3. What is the name of your course?


4. What is your tutor's name? *


5. Which venue is your course at?


6. I am making good progress towards my personal goals and targets


7. The teaching on the course is good


8. The tutor gives me regular feedback on my progress and I understand what I must do to improve my skills


9. The tutor makes the subject interesting and enjoyable


10. The tutor has good subject knowledge


11. The room/venue is suitable for the course


12. I have the right amount of time to do the work needed for the course


13. The equipment is fit for purpose


14. The tutor uses good quality resources


15. The tutor treats me with respect


16. I feel safe on my course


17. I can apply my new skills in my daily life


18. Please tell us about anything you think could be improved with your course