Adult Skills & Community Learning - Employability Session Survey 2019-20


1. What is the name of the course/session you've attended today? *


2. What is your tutor's name? *


3. Which venue did you attend?


4. I was given good information and advice at the start of the course/session


5. The tutor met all the course/session aims


6. I met my personal goals and targets


7. The teaching on the course/session was good


8. The tutor gave me regular feedback on my progress


9. The tutor made the subject interesting and enjoyable


10. The tutor had good subject knowledge


11. The room/venue was suitable for the course/session


12. I had the right amount of time to do the work needed for the course/session


13. The equipment was fit for purpose


14. The tutor used good quality resources


15. The tutor treated me with respect


16. I felt safe on my course/session


17. I can apply my new skills in my daily life


18. The tutor gave me good advice about what I can do next


19. As a result of doing this course/session, have you improved in the following areas:


20. Please tell us about anything you particularly enjoyed about this course/session


21. Please tell us about anything you think could be improved


22. Please tell us about how you have used the skills you have learned


23. Where did you find out about this course/session?