Lighting up Barnsley Town Hall.

You can request to light up Barnsley Town Hall tower and fountains to highlight special events, causes and days of significance that matter to the people in Barnsley. 

Before applying, please read the information and eligibility on Lighting up Barnsley Town Hall on the website.
Section 1: About your organisation

1. Contact details *


2. Are you a charity or not-for-profit organisation? *


3. What is the name of the charity or not-for-profit organisation?


4. To be eligible for consideration as a not-for-profit organisation, you must provide registered charity or not-for-profit details from the Government or the Charity Commission. 

What are the registered details of the charity or not-for-profit organisation?

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5. Are you a local community organisation? *


6. What is the name of the local community organisation?


7. What area of the borough do you support, and how do you help local people?
Also, please provide details of any registration if you have any.

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Section 2: About your campaign

8. Name of campaign.


9. Why do you wish to light up Barnsley Town Hall tower and/or fountains? Please provide details of your campaign.


10. What type of campaign is this?


11. How does your campaign relate to the people of Barnsley?


12. How does your campaign align with outcomes in our Council Plan, as outlined below?

Healthy Barnsley 
  • People are safe and feel safe. 
  • People live independently with good physical and mental health for as long as possible.  
  • We have reduced inequalities in health and income across the borough. 
Learning Barnsley 
  • People have the opportunities for lifelong learning and developing new skills including access to apprenticeships. 
  • Children and young people achieve the best outcomes through improved educational achievement and attainment. 
  • People have access to early help and support. 
Growing Barnsley 
  • Business start-ups and existing local businesses are supported to grow and attract new investment, providing opportunities for all. 
  • People have a welcoming, safe and enjoyable town centre and principal towns as destinations for work, shopping, leisure and culture. 
  • People are supported to have safe, warm, sustainable homes. 
Sustainable Barnsley  
  • People live in great places, are recycling more and wasting less, and feel connected and valued in their community. 
  • Our heritage and green spaces are promoted for all people to enjoy. 
  • Fossil fuels are being replaced by affordable and sustainable energy and people can enjoy more cycling and walking. 

Section 3: Lighting up details 

13. What would you like lighting up?


14. Preferred date or start date of lighting.


15. Duration of lighting - please note maximum duration is seven days, subject to availability.
Requests should be submitted at least one month before the preferred dates.


16. Requested colour.

Section 4: Campaign digital and social media information 

17. What is the cause/organisation’s website?


18. What are the social media accounts (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube)?


19. Proposed social media posts or key messages - please include any #Hashtags.
Please note that coverage via Barnsley Council social media channels is subject to availability.


20. Please tell us about any other activities linked to your request, for example local events happening around Barnsley linked to the campaign.