Worsbrough Mill and Country Park


1. Do you know the Mill & Country Park (it's fine if you don't)

Have you visited the Mill & Country Park and Worsbrough Reservoir in the past two years (before and during lockdowns)? *


2. Part 1 - At the Mill & Country Park

Have you visited more or less during the pandemic? *


3. What is your most common reason for visiting the Mill & Country Park? *


4. When you're at the Mill & Country Park, do you...? (can tick multiple answers)


5. Part 2 - A little bit about your most recent visit

What three words would you use to sum up the Mill & Country Park? *


6. Is there is one thing you would CHANGE that would make the Mill & Country Park a better place to visit and enjoy, what would that be?


7. Is there is one thing you would like to see ADDED that would make the Mill & Country Park a better place to visit and enjoy, what would that be?


8. How far did you travel to visit the Mill & Country Park? *


9. How did you get to the Mill & Country Park? (can tick multiple answers) *


10. If you visited with children, how family friendly did you find the Country Park?

1 being not very family friendly and 10 being extremely family friendly


11. Why have you given the Mill & Country Park this family friendly rating?


12. Part 3 - Visiting places...

Now please rate a few aspects of a typical day out to any visitor attraction.

How important to you are the following (1 being not important - 10 being very important)

Helpful and knowledgeable staff / volunteers?
Flexible opening times including evening and weekends?
Good access and amenities for all, e.g. toilets, accessible for all, parking, cycle racks etc.?
Lots of stories and information about the heritage of a place?
Opportunities to get involved and participate in the heritage activities of a place?
A lively space with things always going on?
A variety of activities programmed year round?
A number of regular free activities?
Food & drink available to buy and consume on site, e.g. cafe, on site bakery?
Themed food & drink and quality retail available to take home?
Indoor and outdoor experiences?

13. Are there any other sorts of activities that you might like to get involved with (in a group or as an individual, in the Country Park or in your local area)? (can tick multiple answers) *


14. Which of these visitor attractions have you been to in the past couple of years (during and pre-pandemic)? *


15. Could you provide your postcode / town where you live? *


16. Who do you most commonly make day trips with? *


17. What is your age? *


18. What is your gender? *


19. Which of the following best describes your current employment status? *


20. What is your ethnicity? *


21. Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months? *


22. Thank you

If you wish to enter the thank you prize draw please leave you name and email below.


23. Please let us know if you want to find out more about the Mill’s history, the chance to discover more about our nature and biodiversity and events