Young People's Sexual Health

The Survey is to help Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council better understand how young people aged between 16 - 25
who live, work or study within the borough get condoms or may wish to get condoms in the future.

It is for young people who are in or have been in a sexual relationship & who live in Barnsley.

The survey will only take you about 5 minutes to complete and we are very grateful for your time, you should only fill in the survey if you feel comfortable answering questions about condoms and condom use.

If you are with a support worker and need help filling this in please ask them.

Individual responses will not be shared with anyone and personal data which identifies you will not be stored or kept (e.g address, name or IP address).

Thank you for helping.

1. Do you live within the Barnsley borough? *


2. What age are you?



3. In the past 6 months have you had a sexual relationship? *


4. How often do you use condoms during sex? *


5. In the last year have you wanted to use a condom for sex but didn't because you didn't have any? *


6. How confident do you think you would be at using condoms correctly?

1 = not very confident (you don't know how they are used)
5 = very confident (you definitely know how to use condoms correctly) *


7. Some people use condoms for oral sex, this is an effective way of reducing the risk of getting some sexually transmitted infections.

Do you use condoms for oral sex?


8. What things would act as the biggest  barriers  to you getting condoms?

(Choose 3 answers in order. e.g 1 would put you off getting them the most) *


9. What would be your preferred place to get condoms from?

(from the list below choose which ways would be your preferred way of getting condoms)

Choose your TOP 3 answers in order, from MOST preferred option to LEAST


10. What one thing would make it easier for you to get condoms?



11. Have you ever used the Free C-CARD condom scheme in Barnsley? *

We are now going to ask questions about you, such as your sexuality and gender.

This is because some people find it harder to get the things they need to help them keep healthy and because some people are more likely to have health problems.

12. Are you: *


13. Would you describe your sexuality as: *


14. Are you: *


15. Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months?


16. Are you responsible for caring for an adult relative/partner, disabled child, or friend/neighbour?


17. Are you a parent or have a parenting responsibility for a child or children?

Thank you for filling out this SURVEY we will use this information to inform how condoms are provided in the future to young people in Barnsley.

If you need to talk to someone about sexual health and contraception you could call Spectrum sexual health and contraception service on: 0800 055 6442 Gateway Clinic. Sackville Street or get advice from your GP.

If you or your partner need emergency oral contraception, tablets taken within 72 hours after sex - but the sooner the better, please call Spectrum in the first instance.

Some emergency contraception is also available FREE to young people at a number of pharmacies if preferred .

The most effective form of emergency contraception is having a contraceptive coil fitted, this is available at Spectrum  and the option will be discussed with you. There is also a tablet form of emergency contraception which is effective up to 5 days after sex which your doctor or nurse may be able to provide.

If you are 15-25 and would like to register for free condoms via the post / C-CARD
the website is:

If you require water based lubricant (which is safe to use with condoms) you could ask at Spectrum, it can also be purchased at low cost from many shops including: Wilkinsons, Home Bargains, Poundland etc.

Using condoms during sex is the best way of protecting yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections and can prevent pregnancy.

Remember although some people have symptoms when they have an infection, many people do not have any symptoms at all. Untreated Sexually Transmitted Infection can cause serious health problems.

Risks happen each time you have sex without a condom even if it is with the same partner, so it is still worth using a condom next time.

If you are being abused, persuaded or forced to have sex or have had other type of mistreatment you could call NSPCC on 0800 1111 to speak to someone in confidence and get support

18. If you would like to tell us anything about your experience of getting condoms or your thoughts about how to improve how young people get them, please leave your comment below.