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At Barnsley Council we’re committed to putting our customers first, so we’d really like to know about your experiences of our services and the information you have provided within this survey will be used to support improvements to our Adult Social Care services.

However, if you think we’re doing a good job or if you believe that we can do better, we also welcome complaints and compliments from our customers too as these can also help us to improve our service delivery. So if you feel the service you’re receiving isn’t as you think it should be, or you have concerns about it and would like us to look into this and provide a response back to you, or you’d like to thank someone or share a positive experience from the service you are receiving you can do this by making a complaint and compliment to the Customer Resolution Team.

You can find out more about what will happen if you make a complaint or compliment by following this link –

The information you provide in this survey will only be used for service improvement and comments will not be handled through the Council’s complaints and compliments procedure.

If you would like to be contacted by us to discuss your comments then please add your name and contact details in the text box of question 2.


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