Barnsley Vision Strategy Group Consultation On The Visual Impairment Vision Strategy (2019)


1. Barnsley Vision Strategy Group's Consultation On The Borough Visual Impairment Vision Strategy (2019)
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Why are we asking you questions? The Group wants to hear about the experiences of individuals who have sight loss from the point of diagnosis to on-going support and services. This questionnaire will help us identify any gaps and what people want to focus on. We plan to work with people with sight loss to look at what can be done within the resources available to us. We want to help people engage in what is already available locally; help support new community projects and look at developing services. Please note that the term "sight loss" will be used throughout and will include people who have a sight loss that is affecting their everyday life; they may or may not be registered as sight impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight impaired (blind). We are asking people to complete our questionnaire by Sunday, 21st April 2019. We will, then, collate the information from these questionnaires and use this information to help us identify areas to focus on at an engagement event on: 11th May, 1.00pm - 3.30pm, at Barnsley Town Hall. This event will discuss the areas that people want to focus on and how we can develop these areas with your help. If you would like to attend, please leave your contact details at the end of the questionnaire. We will be giving feedback to people on the outcome of this event, by October this year. What is the Barnsley Vision Strategy Group? The Vision Strategy Group is made up of representatives from people with sight loss; Barnsley Council (Education Inclusion Services), Health Watch (Barnsley), local charities, Barnsley Hospital, Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group, South and West Yorkshire NHS Partnership Foundation Trust and local opticians. What is the purpose of the Group? We are working together to develop ways to prevent sight loss, promote local eye health services and develop services for Barnsley people who have sight loss. Meetings of the Group are held every 3 months and take place at Gateway Plaza, near the Lamproom Theatre. The Questionnaire begins on the next page.

1. About You

Please tell us if you are male or female by choosing one of the boxes below



2. About You

Please tell us which age group you belong to by clicking one of the boxes below: *


3. About You

Using one of the boxes below, please indicate your ethnic origin *


4. Prevention

Knowing about your sight loss will help us understand more and may help identify any gaps. Please tell us what your eye condition is by choosing one of the boxes below: *


5. Please describe the nature of your sight loss by choosing one of the following:



6. Eye Health

If you have problems with your eyes where would you seek advice or medical help? *


7. We would like people of all ages to have their eyes checked regularly by an optician. How do you think we can encourage this? Please comment below


8. Do you know how you can look after your eye health? Please answer 'Yes' or 'No': *


9. How do you think we can inform people about how they can keep their eyes healthy? Please comment below


10. We would like people with diabetes or who have experienced diabetes to have their eyes checked yearly by the diabetic eye screening service. How do you think we can encourage this? Please comment below:


11. If you are diagnosed with an eye condition do you feel happy with your treatment programme?


12. Services

Do you feel you have enough information, advice and support about your eye condition?


13. Do you feel you have enough information about what services are available in Barnsley for people with sight loss?


14. Do you feel you can obtain the support you need?


15. Is it helpful for support or services to people with sight loss to be provided alongside those for people with hearing problems?


16. Independence

Would you like more training/support around how to use more technology (for eg smartphones, tablets, computers, Google Mini, Amazon Echo) when you have sight loss?


17. If you have had your eye condition from a young age do you/did you know where you can /could get support once you reach adulthood? *


18. If you answered 'No' to the previous Question, what else do you think would be useful, from the list below (you can tick more than one box)


19. Employment and Education

By choosing one of the following boxes, please tell us if you are: *


20. Do you feel you need support to remain in employment or to obtain employment?


21. Do you know where you can obtain help with remaining in employment or obtaining employment?


22. Well-being

Please tell us which social or leisure activities do you take part in (you can select more than one option, below) *


23. Do you feel Barnsley has enough social or leisure activities solely for people with eye loss?


24. Do you experience mental health problems as a result of your sight loss such as, for example, depression, low mood or anxiety? *


25. If you answered 'Yes' to the previous Question, please state if you have accessed support *


26. Do you feel you would benefit from support in order to come to terms with your sight loss?


27. If you answered 'Yes' to the previous Question, please tell us which of the following options you think would help (you can select more than one option)


28. Emotional Support

From the list below, how would you prefer to receive emotional support for your eye condition (you can select more than one option)


29. Social Media and Online support

Please indicate if you use any of the following (you can select more than one option)


30. Community

Do you regularly use public transport? If so, please indicate which type you mainly use


31. Do you have any problems when using public transport?


32. Do you feel there is a need to raise public awareness about the realities of living with sight loss?


33. Have you experienced rudeness/unhelpfulness from members of the public? (for eg, this could include someone walking in front of you to see if you can see them)


34. Please tell us if there is anything else that you feel would help improve your experience of living with sight loss


35. Among the local groups which help to improve the lives of people living with sight loss, in Barnsley, are the following:

Accessible Environment Group (working with developers to help ensure the Town Centre is accessible for people with sight loss).

'My Barnsley Too' (a forum for service users with a physical or sensory disability or impairment)

If you would like to become involved in the work of both or either of these groups, please indicate below:


36. Please indicate if you would also like to attend the Barnsley Vision Strategy Group's engagement event at Barnsley Town Hall, on Saturday, 11th May 2019


37. Feedback from the engagement event will be posted online in October 2019 at If you would prefer to directly receive any feedback in the post, including in a larger font size, please say 'Yes' or 'No' below